Irrevocable Documentary Credit Application

Applicant:                                                                  Issuing Bank:                                      
Date of Application:                                                        Expiry Date and Place for Presentation of Documents
--                          --                                            Expiry Date:                                       
L-- issue by (air) mail      L-- with brief advice by teletransmission                                                         
                                 (see UCP 500 Article 11)                   Place for Presentation                             
--                                                                         +---------------------------------------------------+
L-- issue by teletransmission (see UCP 500 Article 11)                      Beneficiary                                        
L-- Transferable Credit-As per UCP 500 Article 48                                                                              
 Confirmation of the Credit:                                                Amount in figures and words (Please use ISO        
                                                                            Currency Codes).                                   
--               --           --                                                                                            
L-- not requested L-- requested L-- authorized if requested by Beneficiary                                                     
                   --          --                                         Credit available with Nominated Bank:              
Partial shipments  L-- allowed  L-- not allowed                                                                                
                   --          --                                         L-- by payment at sight                            
Transhipments      L-- allowed  L-- not allowed                             --                                                
Please refer to UCP 500 transport Articles for exceptions to this condition L-- by deferred payment at                         
--                                                                         --                                                
L-- Insurance will be covered by us                                         L-- by acceptance of drafts at:                    
Shipment as defined in UCP 500 Article 46                                   --                                                
From:                                                                       L-- by negotiation:                                
For transportation to:                                                      Against the documents detailed herein:             
Not later than:                                                             L-- and Beneficiary's draft(s) draw on:            
Goods (Brief discription without excesive details - See UCP 500 Article 5):                    Terms                           
                                                                                               --         --                 
                                                                                               L-- FAS     L-- CIF             
                                                                                               --         --                 
                                                                                               L-- FOB     L-- Other terms:    
                                                                                               --         --                 
                                                                                               L-- CFR     L-- as per INCOTERMS
                          --                        --                                                                        
Commercial invoice        L-- signed, original and   L-- copies.                                                                
Transport Document:                                                                                                             
L-- Multimodal Transport Document, covering at least two different modes of transport                                           
L-- Marine / Ocean Bill of Lading covering a port-to-port shipment                                                              
L-- Non-Negotiable Sea Waybill covering a port-to-port shipment                                                                 
L-- Air Waybill, original for the consignor                                                                                     
L-- Other transport document:                                                                                                   
L-- to the order of:                                                                                                            
L-- endorsed in blank                                                                                                           
--                     --                        --                                                                          
L-- marked freight      L-- prepaid                L-- payable at destination                                                   
L-- notify:                                                                                                                     
Insurance Document:                                                                                                             
--        --              --                                                                                                 
L-- Policy L-- Certificate  L--  Declaration  under  an  open  cover. Covering the following risks:                             
L-- Origin                                                                                                                      
L-- Analysis                                                                                                                    
L-- Health                                                                                                                      
L-- Other                                                                                                                       
Other Documents                                                                                                                 
L-- Packing List                                                                                                                
L-- Weight List                                                                                                                 
Documents to be presented within         L-- days after the date of shipment but within the validity of the Credit.             
Additional Instructions:                                                           We request you to issue on our behaif and   
                                                                                   for our account your Irrevocable Credit     
                                                                                   in accordance with the above instructions   
                                                                                   (marked (x) where appropriate).             
                                                                                   This Credit will be subject to the Uniform  
                                                                                   Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits
                                                                                   (1993 Revision. Publication N 500 of the    
                                                                                   International Chamber of Commerce. Paris.   
                                                                                   France) insofar as they are applicable.     
                                                                                    Name and signature of the Applicant        

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